The Cake Competition

The Cake competition will be held around teatime on Saturday, October 17th.

We bought some new cups in a French jumble sale, so we'll have more awards than ever. The baker of the best overall cake will be awarded the Baker's Cup (current holder: Ms Jennifer Yip for her subsequently much-disputed half-eaten entry), and a 30 Marks & Spencer's token (up an impressive ten pounds from last year). There will rosettes and smaller prizes for individual category winners. 2008 will see a return of the popular Battenberg Cup, which will be presented to the creator of the finest Battenberg (current holder: Mr Jimmy Carr).

2009 also sees a new category (Ginger) and the retiring of The Victoria Sponge Cross (unawarded in 2008).

There are five categories you can enter:

  1. Fruit.
  2. Novelty
  3. Battenberg Cup.
  4. Ginger.
  5. Chocolate.

Please note that where there exists some potential crossover of categories (Chocolate Novelty etc.) the onus is upon the individual baker to assign his or her cake to a particular category.

Entries are currently limited to 2 cakes per person (to be entered in different categories) - although we are considering reducing the limit to 1. It rather depends on number of entries. And how hungry we feel for cake.

If you're interested in submitting some baked goods, you can email us at:


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