On Sunday afternoon - towards the close of the festival - the Regatta will occur. It will be a magnificent event. That's if it actually takes place, which it didn't in 2006. The Festival Committee are looking at ways of making sure the Regatta doesn't get bumped off the schedule again. Perhaps the answer is for live music to be played alongside the launching of the ships. Make it more of an event.

Entry is free and there is a 20 cash prize for Best Boat. All yachts must be lovingly hand-crafted. And have a nice name which will be announced when they are proudly launched onto the yachting pond.

The event may will be candlelit - depending upon local light and weather variables.

There will be craft materials on hand, at The Lighthouse pub, for the creation of boats.

If you're interested in entering a boat (maximum one boat / person) you can phone us on: 07960 776 813. Or email us at:



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