Clacton 2008

shadow puppet It had puppets, poems, Mordant Black's art of war, a disputed cake contest and a giant badger. A more balanced festival than ever before...


Clacton 2006

A shift to November did nothing to cool the ardour of the Clacton 2006 participants. The festival saw a Hip Hop dance display, a short film about scarecrows, and a triumphant return of Surprise Funk, our friends from Stockholm.

Clacton 2005

For two glorious September days, the Lighthouse Pub housed an arts festival the like of which Clacton had never seen before (except in its glory days, such as we saw witnessed in the PowerPoint presentation about Clacton's past). People came from far and wide: Belgium, Walton, Willingham, London, Lowestoft and Little Clacton. We're not sure if anyone came from Wivenhoe, but probably they did.

It had drama, music, paints, puppets, cakes, fish, films, and goats. And we never even had time for the golf or the over-sized marrow display.

One thing is certain: the Clacton Festival was a great success. It was a little weird at times, fairly hectic, but the wheels never came off and everyone (it seemed) had an excellent time.

We'd just like to thank everyone who pulled together to create such an amazing festival.

FLAG dancing to Broken Watch


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