The Art of Clacton, 2008

Spread out over half a dozen tables, and lining the walls of the venue, there was more art done at the Clacton Festival in 2008 than ever before. It was overseen by the brilliant Tomomi Maruyama, our artist in residence, who also exhibited some of her own canvases. Here is Tomomi, busily overseeing some hard-at-work artists:


Winner of the 40 first prize, chosen by Tomami, was six-year-old Adam Green from East Dulwich.

The Art Competition

A highlight of Sunday afternoon, we hope, will be the Art Competition. Entry is free and there is a 40 first prize for Best Entry, and a 20 runner's up prize.

The Rules

  1. Entries must be submitted to a member of the Festival Committee by 12pm on Saturday 19th July, and will be on display at the main festival venue (tbc.) Entry is free.
  2. Winners will be announced just after the bead workshop.
  3. The theme for all entries is 'On The Edge'. Interpret that how you will.
  4. Entries can be paintings, sculptures, rugs, mugs - anything at all except straightforward photography. (See: Photography Competition).
  5. If you can broadly understand your entry as a 'work of art' and get it up the stairs of the pub, you can enter it.
  6. Submitted art can be priced and sold.

If you're interested in entering an art work, or have any questions about the competition, you can phone us on: 07960 776 813. Or email us at:

Perhaps you will find this painting by John Stebbington, 'Men With Large Pipe', inspiring:


And please, don't be coy about your art skills. It's impossible that whatever you do to illustrate 'On The Edge' could end up any worse than one of Turner's seascapes:



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