In 2009, it's possible there may be no acts at all. A dozen homemade cakes? Does that count as an act?

The Clacton Festival 2008 was as eclectic as it was the year before. If not even eclecticer. We had Essex poetry, communication workshops, The Art of War, and some raw hip-hop, courtesy of up-and-coming Essex band, unAUDIOdox:


So if you fancy taking part in 2009, do get in touch. What you should remember is that whatever you want to do, it probably has a place on our stage. Generally the best length of act is about 15-20 minutes (unless you're a fully-fledged band or acrobatic troupe). But if you've got something shorter, like a 2 minute film of your aunt eating a bowl of Shreddies, then we'd still be interested. Perhaps even more so. We are very interested in continuing our run of puppet acts, which last year featured a giant mouse.

If you're interested in taking part in the Festival - in whatever capacity - you can email us at or phone us on: 07960 776 813.


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